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The Studio

Kathryn Watkins Piano Studio services the western suburbs of Adelaide. The studio is located in the beach side suburb of Grange and is easily accessible via bus and train routes.


The studio offers opportunities for learners of all ages and abilities to create music in a safe, creative and nurturing environment where everyone is set up to experience success. Students explore all genres of music and develop a deep understanding of theory concepts through engaging learning activities.

Students are always provided with gentle guidance not only throughout their lesson but on how to make the most of the time between lessons.


Beginners Lessons  (30 minutes per week)
-Suitable for beginners up to & including P Plate Piano

-Learning for fun & without intensity. 

-Expected practice is a minimum of 15-30 minutes (cumulative) in one or more practice sessions most days. 

Developing Lessons (45 minutes per week)
-Recommended for students who are working on AMEB exams up to Grade 2. 

-Students who need more time to explore repertoire & musical concepts. 

-Expected practice is a minimum of 30-40 minutes (cumulative) in one or more practice sessions most days. 

Advanced Lessons (1 hour per week)
- Recommended for advancing students from AMEB Grade 3 upwards.

-Existing passionately motivated students wanting more time to explore repertoire & musical concepts in depth. 

-Expected practice is a minimum of 45-60 minutes (cumulative) in one or more practice sessions most days. 


Students have the opportunity to sit for practical and theory exams through the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) or Australia and New Zealand Cultural Arts (ANZCA). The syllabus provided  by these bodies are used in the studio to provide a framework to guide teaching and learning.

Digital Technologies & Hands On Learning
The studio uses iPad's to enhance learning throughout lessons by using various apps
that support the learning of theory concepts, to working on skills such as sight reading,  and playing with backing tracks. Students will be able to access a variety of resources through studio subscriptions. Off the bench activities are featured throughout the lessons to bring a sense of fun to the studio and considers the different learning styles of students. Each student will have their own digital learning portfolio which documents their learning journey over time. 
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