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To ensure  the highest standard of teaching and the most effective, creative lessons possible are provided for students, I have put in place the following policies.

Lesson Times

When students enroll they are reserving their place at the studio for the entire year. Students are able to negotiate a lesson time when first registering with the studio. If you require a permanent change your lesson time please discuss with me no less than a week prior to the required change and I will do my best to accommodate.

Please arrive promptly for your lesson. If you are late for a lesson the time missed will not be made up. If you arrive early for your lesson please wait outside for you lesson time, if the weather doesn't permit this, please enter the studio quietly and sit down without distracting the lesson currently in progress.

Make-up Lessons

Last minute notice of change to a scheduled lesson  will only be accepted for reasons of sudden illness or emergencies. Missed lessons  will be 'made up' at a mutually arranged time which may include another weekday, on a weekend or in the school holidays. If I am sick and miss a lesson, that lesson will automatically be 'made up' at a mutually arranged time. There are no make up lessons for lessons missed without any prior notice.

Books and Resources

Books and resources are an additional cost to the lesson fees. Please allow up to $70 per student to cover the costs of music books and resources each year. You are required to supply a music folder with clear plastic sleeves to store music and an appropriate bag to store and carry music resources to and from weekly lessons.


It is expected that students practice on a daily basis. It is encouraged, especially for young students that parents sit in on lessons so that you can be of assistance at home. We are all working in partnership to support your child's musical journey. Please read through lesson notes that are shared with you via the Seesaw app and support your child to play daily and develop positive habits. Please praise and encourage their efforts and help them to be organised for their weekly lesson.


Over the years I have entered a significant number of students for exams, with wonderful results. The examining body sets fees for exams and will incur an additional cost. I will discuss the possibility of exams with you once your child is ready to begin this process.

Tuition Fees & Payments

It is expected that all students participate in 10 lessons per term to ensure progress. Fees are to be paid before the commencement of the school term. Tuition fees not only cover only the lesson time spent with the student but time planning and preparing for each student as well and are non-refundable.

Parents play a crucial role in their child’s musical development. Each student has their own digital portfolio which documents and shares progress with parents on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact me to discuss progress or feedback.

Cancellation of Lessons

Two weeks notice is required if you intend to discontinue lessons.

Photo and Video Authorisation Form

The studio maintains a website and Facebook page. This medium is used to highlight student accomplishments and other studio-related involvement. From time to time, I may determine it beneficial to publish pictures and video/audio recordings of students on the page. Please ensure you have filled out the form provided to you during your introductory lesson and return to the studio.

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